Since 2000, Meridian Gallery and the youth of the Meridian Interns Program have completed four public large-scale murals in the city of San Francisco.  These murals are:


Urban Nature

Located at the Powell Street BART station in Hallidie Plaza, intersection of Powell and Market Streets.

Completed in 2000. 

Urban Nature is a collaborative effort of all of the Meridian Gallery interns participating during the year 2000. It is located across from the Visitor’s Information Center and serves as a wonderful welcome to people who come from all over the world to see San Francisco. The mural focuses on the thoughts, wishes, and decisions that young men and women make.




Located in Myrtle Alley at Larkin Street on the side of the Hartland Hotel.

Completed in 2001. Restored in 2013.

In 2001 the Interns painted and designed a large mural in the Tenderloin District on the exterior wall of a residence hotel for formerly homeless people called the Hartland Hotel. Themes and composition for the mural, entitled “Tenderhart” emerged from their conversations with residents. In the fall of 2013 this mural was fully restored by a team of former Interns.



Located in the Presidio National Park., next to Crissy Field Center.

Completed in 2006. 

The mural consisting of four 4’ x 4’ plywood panels  tied together thematically the activities of MIP for the summer of 2006. Youth who have engaged in habitat restoration in the Presidio traveled to the neighborhoods where they live across the city to visit community gardens. They observed the plants and flowers being nourished in their own garden. The mural was created out of these experiences.




The Landscape of San Francisco

Located at the office of the Mayor's Youth Employment and Education Program (MYEEP) at 2012 Pine Street.