Meridian Music: Kanoko Nishi-Smith & Pedro Lopes

  • Canessa Gallery 708 Montgomery Street San Francisco, CA, 94111 United States

For the May installment of the Meridian Composers in Performance series we are excited to present Kanoko Nishi-Smith and Pedro Lopes!  

Date: Saturday May 7, 2016
Time: 7:30pm - 10pm
Location: Canessa Gallery
                708 Montgomery St
Admission: $5 - $10 sliding scale

Kanoko Nishi-Smith is a performer currently based in SF/Bay Area. Though classically trained on piano, receiving a BA in Classical Music Performance from Mills College, her recent interest has primarily been in performing 20th century and contemporary musical compositions for piano as well as for koto (Japanese 13-string zither), and free-improvisation in various different contexts, with musicians, as well as dancers, poets, and visual artists.

Pedro Lopes is a turntablist, computer scientist & hardware t(h)inker based out of Berlin. Lopes plays turntables like they are full-fledged instruments, which means they can be bowed, percussed, scratched, subversed & hacked. He makes his own needles and records using circuit-bending and acrylic cutting. Lopes engages in collaboration with visual artists, performance & improvisors. He has played in venues such as Transmediale, Serralves Foundation, Casa da Música, OutFest, Rescaldo, Metasonic & Future Places and collaborated with many artists: Carlos Zíngaro, André Gonçalves, Gabriel Ferrandini, Pedro Sousa, Miguel Sá, Hernâni Faustino, Rodrigo Pinheiro, Per Gärdin, Carlos Santos, Manuela São Simão and in ensembles conducted by William Winnant (Zorn’s Cobra), Reinhold Friedl & Ernesto Rodrigues.

Entrance Fee: $5 - 10 sliding scale