Mural Restoration: Urban Nature!

It's time to restore one of Meridian's murals!

The mural “Urban Nature” was created and installed in the summer of the year 2000 in Halliday Plaza, at Powell and Market, near the cable car turnaround. Its exact location is opposite the San Francisco Visitors Information Center and over the years 4.5 million people have seen the mural!

Urban Nature was commissioned by San Francisco Tourist Convention and San Francisco Grants for the Arts.  Its purpose was to greet visitors to the city colorfully.  The people who worked at the Information Center had an added pleasure— it covered what was once a very dark, gray wall.

The work consists of 2’ x 4’ x 8’ plywood panels, creating a 16’ long by 8’ high mural. It was named by the interns – “Urban Nature” - and depicts the neighborhoods and people of San Francisco. Included are the two icons of the city: the Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay Bridge. Also prominent in the presentation is a giraffe feeding off of a tree, representing San Francisco Zoo, which the interns visited just before they painted the mural.

Over the years the mural has been cleaned of graffiti and parts have been repainted. Some of the wood structure has been damaged.  We propose, asking the present group of interns circa 2016, to refurbish and repaint the mural, repair the damaged wood and add another panel devoted to the natural habitat of the city. The third panel will include paintings of butterflies that are natural to the city.  The present “lighted” Bay Bridge will be included, and some of the “dress” of the figures will be “contemporized.”

We love that this mural has had such a strong appearance in the community and hope that the restoration will further increase its impact. As this is still a large project, donations are always helpful and appreciated. If you're able, please go to our donation page. We'll be sending out updates along with posting on our facebook page. Make sure to check back!