Meridian Music Presents: Coppice, Ruhlmann/Clément, Bad Jazz

  • Canessa Gallery 708 Montgomery St San Francisco, CA, 94111 United States

Meridian Gallery’s next concert will feature the Chicago-based duo Coppice on Thursday, March 19th. Members Noé Cuéllar and Joseph Kramer will perform their original composition, Compound Form, for pump organ, two tape processes, transmitters, and acoustic filters, in collaboration with Vancouver-based sound artists Mathieu Ruhlmann and Joda Clément as well as the sound art trio Bad Jazz for a special collaboration. 

Tickets available here and at the door.

About the Artists

Since its foundation in 2009, Coppice has evolved from its electronics background to create compositions, installations, discography, instruments, arrangements for performance, software, and sculptural objects. Drawing from its expanding glossary of study, members Noé Cuéllar and Joseph Kramer are currently focused on the development of new technologies and objects for installation, live repertoire with custom instruments, and electromagnetic and pneumatic processes. Coppice recordings have been released internationally, recently by Quakebasket (US), Triple Bath (GR), Agxivatein (GR), Pilgrim Talk (US), and Senufo Editions (IT).

Raised in Toronto and based in Vancouver, Joda Clément has been performing and composing experimental music in Canada for over 15 years, developing a unique repertoire of methods for working creatively with sound. His work utilizes analog and acoustic instruments, microphones, found objects and noises recorded from natural and urban environments, investigating hidden properties of sound, space and recording techniques that transcend a distinction between audio and source.

Joda has performed compositions, improvisation and exhibited audio/visual installations in Canada and abroad, including appearances at The Music Gallery, MOCCA, Issue Project Room (NY), Reheat (Austria), Suoni Per Il Popolo, Extermination Music Night, Electric Eclectics, MUTEK and Oboro New Media lab and his music has been released internationally on labels such as Alluvial Recordings (US), Mystery Sea (BE), Unfathomless (BE) and Simple Geometry (CA). Over the years, collaborators include Magali Babin, Michael Northam, Hitoshi Kojo, Olivia Block, Bhob Rainey, Bonnie Jones, Kai Fagaschinski, Chris Cogburn, Tomasz Krakowiak, Mathieu Ruhlmann and Lance Austin Olsen, for example.


Mathieu Ruhlmann is a visual and sound artist residing in Vancouver, whose work includes painting, film/video, sound installation, and sound performance. Mathieu first began composing soundworks to accompany his visual art based on found material. These soundworks investigate, through acousmatic composition and field recordings, the hidden voice or ‘sonorous membrane’ beneath the surface of objects, discovering the language that each object holds. Using stereo and contact microphones he processes these sounds to create a textured sonic film of the inner environment of the material.

Ruhlmann’s compositions have been presented throughout the world to accompany art exhibitions, radio programs, and sound installations including Liquid Architecture in Australia, as well as released on various labels in Europe, Canada, Japan and the United States. Mathieu Ruhlmann also curates the label, caduc, which was established to bring attention to West Coast and Canadian artists working in the electro acoustic improvised field.

Bad Jazz is an electro-acoustic improvisation trio featuring, Tania Chen, Bryan Day and Ben Salomon. Using invented instruments, electronic toys, percussion and piano they create roughly rendered sonic landscapes. Member Bryan Day is a curator for the Meridian Gallery