Neither Confirmed Nor Denied - Pre-Opera Workshop

Neither Confirmed Nor Denied is a one-act opera inspired by the mysterious "number stations" that have broadcast strings of numbers and words on shortwave radios throughout the world since the late '40s. It is widely believed that these stations provide coded messages between government intelligence services and their spies in the field. The opera’s musical score models the individual characteristics of these stations. Each performer is given a set of instructions by composer Gino Robair and interprets the instructions musically or through movement to become a unique station, decoding encrypted data that serves as each character's story.

Robair will lead a pre-opera workshop in which all of the performers who are participating in Neither Confirmed Nor Denied collaborate to interpret their coded instructions and develop the final opera. This workshop is open to the viewing public. Join us on Friday, August 15 to catch a behind-the-scenes glimpse of Robair’s creative process.