Renny Pritikin on Carolyn Castaño (June Benefit Series)

Admission: $35, purchase tickets here.

Renny Pritikin, the newly appointed Chief Curator of San Francisco’s Contemporary Jewish Museum, considers Colombian-American artist Carolyn Castaño’s most recent paintings in this visual arts lecture. A renowned curator, author, and poet, Pritikin is a pillar of the San Francisco arts community who is well acquainted with the artist. Pritikin is the former Director of the Richard L. Nelson Gallery and the Fine Arts Collection at the University of California, Davis. In 1992, he became the Director of the Visual Arts Program, and, in 1997, Chief Curator of the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. Carolyn Castaño is a Los Angeles based artist with strong ties to the San Francisco Bay Area. In 2013, Castaño was awarded an artist grant from the Joan Mitchell Foundation. She is a 2011 California Community Foundation Getty Fellow and recipient of the prestigious C.O.L.A Individual Artist Fellowship 2011.

Narco Venus and Other Stories: Paintings and Video by Carolyn Castaño explores personas and narratives associated with the narco-wars and political dramas currently unfolding in Latin America. Pritikin will open the conversation with an historical discussion of Spanish colonialism and consequent drug-related violence in the New World, which Castaño will then link with Narco Venus through a show-and-tell presentation of various documents, such as botanical illustrations and geographical surveys, that situate the present conflict in a particular time and place.