Christy Funsch and Peiling Kao

Choreographers/performers Peiling Kao and Christy Funsch respond to Abby Leigh’s current exhibition by bringing new movement works to the Meridian Gallery March 7th and 8th, with live music and additional performances by Aura Fischbeck and Celine Alwyn Parker. Kao and Funsch, who have worked together in both choreographed and improvised works, are particularly interested in Leigh’s containment of shimmering color, control of ethereal materials such as smoke, and what artist Jarrett Earnest calls Leigh’s “potential for transparency: both physical and philosophical.” Kao and Funsch bring both set and improvised material to the Meridian Gallery, in several configurations including solo, duet, and trio works, with live music by Rachel Condry, Jordan Glenn, and Gretchen Jude. Both evenings begin at 6 PM, and tickets are $10 for the general public with a $2 discount for students and seniors. Tickets are available at