Shelley Hirsch Workshop: Activating Your Voice(s)

Hirsch who the NY Times has called "A woman of 1000 voices" will give a workshop at the Meridian Gallery on 2/23/14.

The workshop will explore ways  trigger the imagination and to set off ideas outside of our comfort zone.  We will locate a myriad voices and extended techniques and the ***text found in the body where gesture activates sound, where a stream of consciousness process can tell your story, compose your music.

This workshop is open to singers, musicians, actors, artists, teachers of all levels.

***Text derives from the Latin textus (a tissue), which is in turn derived from texere (to weave).

Hirsch has taught workshops and given seminars in music and art schools internationally  since the mid 1980's. She was recently a guest artist at Yale  University in the Sculpture Dept, where she focused on location/sounding the body/sounding the room.

Shelley Hirsch is an award winning, critically acclaimed vocalist, composer, and storyteller whose mostly solo compositions, staged multimedia works, improvisations, radio plays, installations and collaborations have been produced and presented in concert halls, clubs, festivals, theaters, museums, galleries and on radio, film and television on 5 continents.