Opening Reception: Saturday, January 11, 2014, 6pm-8pm

Curated by Jarrett Earnest

This show marks the largest exhibition of artist Abby Leigh on the West Coast. Her lively abstractions—composed of layered bands of color—are urban landscapes. Their complex color relationships and sensitive surfaces create visual rhythms that will build throughout Meridian's Victorian interiors. These large oil paintings use thin layers of pigment to produce both hard-edges and feathery brush strokes. As curator Jarrett Earnest explains: "Leigh brings together geometric structures with organic gestures, as well as marks you easily see and those you don't. They are cosmopolitan paintings in a sense, balancing and finding room for all kinds in the way that her subject, New York City, incomparably does." Leigh's smoke drawings, also on display, deny smoke its romantic nature to form bar codes and targets. There is an accompanying scholarly catalog featuring an interview with Abby Leigh, and essays by Jarrett Earnest and Curtis Foster, the Steven and Anne Ames Curator of Drawing at the Whitney Museum of American Art.