By Mainly Unexpected Means - Work from the Cubberley Studios

Curated by Theres Rohan

Opening Reception: Saturday, November 2, 2013 4pm-7pm



Meridian Gallery is proud to present to its San Francisco and Bay Area audiences the newest and most challenging work from the less than well-known Cubberley Studios in Palo Alto. The artists of the Cubberley Studios are a selection of the most promising talent working in the heart of Silicon Valley. The exhibition presents a strong variety of media, from more familiar oil paintings and photography to video projection and sculptures of repurposed VHS tape. This exhibition at Meridian Gallery shows that in the shadow of rapidly advancing technology, the vision of the artist still poignantly disseminates crucial innovation.

Meridian's three-floor exhibition galleries spaciously present the twenty artists of this large-scale project that brings together intensely diverse approaches on how best to speak a visual language. The collective nature of the Cubberley Studios ensures that the artists all know each other and support each other; yet, as this exhibition demonstrates, each artist is encouraged to bring in their own distinct voice. This will manifest particularly by the many multi-dimensional works on view - the objects of high interest. As curator Theres Rohan states, "I was interested in the object, in pulling the artist our of the traditional, established modes."

The Cubberley Studies provide residencies and the opportunity for artists to work within a close-knit community of fellow artists. All artists at the studios were chosen by juried process to be admitted to a five-year residency thus ensuring a never-ending flow of creative talent that changes in new and unpredictable ways. The length of this residency distinguishes it from the many renowned residency programs in the Bay Area such as the Headlands Center for the Arts, Kala Art Institute, and the Djerassi Resident Artist Program. The studios are partially supported by the City of Palo Alto with the artists paying an appropriate rent to produce work in these unique spaces 

The artists of the Cubberley Studios are: 

Lois Anderson • Lessa Bouchard • Sharon Chinen • Ulla de Larios • Ken Edwards • Marguerite Fletcher Peter Foley • Linda Gass • Michal Gavish • Barbara Gunther • Inge Infante • Steve Kiser • Marianne Lettieri Ann McMillan • Julia Nelson-Gal • Michael Pauker • Nora Raggio • Colleen Sullivan • Cristina Velazquez Nancy White

Performance Event : Saturday, Decemember 7, 2013, 4:00 to 6:00 PM
A Moment (Un)Bound 

A performance piece by Lessa Bouchard and Arc:hive.

Cubberley artist and Arc:Hivist Lessa Bouchard will present a segment from Arc:Hive’s work in progress: A Moment (Un)Bound. This new work explores the tension between what we hold on to and what we let go of, how we sort things, in a quickly tilting age of technology. The performance will draw on masked Comedia characters and chance operations. Arc:Hive is a story collective playing with multiple levels of reality in words, image and action.