Photo Credit: Philip Jarmain

Photo Credit: Philip Jarmain

Update on Meridian Gallery Tenancy

Dear Friends and Supporters,

We at Meridian Gallery are very pleased to share that we have been granted an extension of our tenancy at 535 Powell Street until at least June 30, 2014. 

First we would like to thank the many, many individuals who stepped forward to contribute to the success of this effort. Nearly 60 artists, all who had previously shown at the gallery, contributed work to the auction that was held March 20-27.  This was followed by a pledge drive that resulted in enough funds to be able to secure the current three-month extension. Funds were donated to our efforts from as far as Finland, Montreal, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

We were going to be evicted at 6.01am April 16, 2014!

The intervention of a third party, not part of but connected to the San Francisco City Government, shifted our appeal into a positive direction by writing an email to the landlords explaining the cultural value of Meridian Gallery to the City. All of this we had told the landlords in our attempt to get an extension but with no response.  The difference this time was that the email was cc’d to San Francisco City officials who oversee property in the City and that we went public to KQED and print media. The extension was agreed to on Thursday April 10, and with your help we were able to meet their deadline of 3pm Monday, April 14. 

Thank you for your concern and contributions. In order to negotiate a more permanent lease at 535 Powell, we must continue our fundraising efforts and must call upon you, our community, to make this happen. In the coming months we will be holding a gala fundraising evening, a benefit concert, and possibly another auction. This will be in addition to the regular programming of exhibitions, music performances, and youth activities that Meridian has been known for over the last 25 years in San Francisco. 

Please stay in touch and join us for these events!

Thank you,

Anne Brodzky and Anthony Williams

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