Meridian Gallery has left its longtime home in Union Square, and we are already moving forward into our exciting new phase.  

R.I.P. =  Resurrection In Place!


We want to thank all of our supporters for sustaining Meridian as we have fought displacement this past year. It is now time to look forward.

Meridian lives on.

We have begun the process of relocation and we will be continuing all of Meridian's interdisciplinary art programs. The Meridian Interns Program will continue this fall in a temporary studio space. Meridian Music: Composers in Performance, Meridian Dance, and our exhibition programming will step forth boldly in a new home. Stay tuned for more information as we share our exciting news.

Be part of our new path!

Meridian Gallery is in the process of moving, which is costly. Your donation will help us with our security deposit, moving costs, and more. We are grateful for all of your support! Your investment will ensure that we survive and thrive. All donations are tax deductible. 


Upcoming Exhibitions and Events  



Meridian Music


Meridian Interns Program